Super Chill a celebration of a unique South African heritage.

Many centuries ago the San and Hottentot people would travel hundreds of kilometers to pick a year’s supply of a wondrous plant. This plant was used as a natural calming agent and was called Canna.

In 1652 Jan Van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape and it did not take him and his crew long to start bartering with the local inhabitants of Southern Africa fo sheep and Canna, which was plentiful and considered the “greatest clearer of spirits, and the noblest restorative in the world”.

 During a 1773 expedition into the interior of Southern Africa, it was reported that the local people would come from far and near to fetch the Canna with the root, leaves and all, which they would beat together, and afterwards, twist them up lig pig-tail tobacco; which would then be fermented and then kept for chewing, thus the name “Kougoed” was coined. Eventual scientists got hold of the plant and as scientist do gave it another name, they called it  Sceletium.

We at McNab’s proudly celebrate this centuries-old heritage in a refreshing drink called McNab’s Super Chill allowing a new generation of South Africans to also benefit from the ancient wisdom of the first South Africans.

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