SuperCharge Shot – Ginger 12’s


A GOOD-FOR-YOU, natural-energy instant boost containing only the best ingredients including a fusion of naturally sourced coffee and ginger root extract promoting instant vitality and providing a natural caffeine plant based energy without the crash.



What makes SuperCharge Energy Shot so GOOD-FOR-YOU?

McNab’s SuperCharge Ginger Root Shot is a GOOD-FOR-YOU, plant-based caffeine blend of natural ingredients and vitamins that delivers a healthy instant energy boost. Filled with nature’s best pick-me-ups, this product is easy to use and easy to carry. Just tear it open and enjoy the vibrant ginger root taste.

Each SuperCharge Energy Shot contains the following energy-boosting ingredients:

Ginger – with gingerol as one of its main ingredients, is well known for helping reduce pain and inflammation, including post-exercise muscle pain, and a range of digestive problems, especially nausea. It also adds a natural flavour to the shot.

Capsaicin /chilli pepper – Capsaicin as one of its star-ingredients, provides the ‘fire and the burn’ of this shot.

Coffeine (100% natural caffeine) – delivered naturally with additional health-promoting phytonutrients, is a great revitalizer. It improves one’s mood and increases alertness, concentration, endurance and reduces feelings of fatigue.

Who is SuperCharge Energy Shot suitable for?

Anyone can take SuperCharge Energy shots but due to the relatively high caffeine content they are not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and people with a sensitivity to caffeine.

McNab’s SuperCharge Energy shots are free of artificial colourings and flavourings.

When and how do I use SuperCharge Energy Shot?

SuperCharge Energy shots can be taken throughout the day, whenever you feel in need of a mental and physical boost. However, if you are in anyway sensitive to caffeine, consumption should be moderated according to your tolerance

Direction: Simply tear and drink straight from the sachet.

Take one sachet daily. A maximum of 2 sachets can be taken daily.

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