SuperCharge Dextro Sweets Strawberry 24’s


I am SUPERCHARGE Energy Dextro Strawberry Sweets. You need a bit of me today. I am here to uplift and rejuvenate you. I am a strawberry, natural flavoured dextro sweet with 200 mg Vitamin C.


What makes SuperCharge Energy Dextro Sweets so GOOD–FOR–YOU?

This naturally flavoured energy sweet is packed with vitamin C and simple sugars to provide an instant lift, bursting with natural flavour.

Each SuperCharge Energy Tabs contains the following energy-boosting ingredients:

Dextrose and glucose – these simple sugars are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream providing an instant burst of energy for both the muscles and the brain to function at their peak.

Vitamin C – Assists the immune system with optimal functioning and helps protect the body from harmful pathogens and fight infections.

Who are SuperCharge Energy Dextro Sweets suitable for?

McNab’s SuperCharge Dextro Sweets are free of artificial flavourants, sweeteners and colourants.

When and how do I use SuperCharge Energy Dextro Sweets?

SuperCharge Energy Dextro sweets are recommended during mid-morning or afternoon energy dips or to provide extra energy for a really demanding physical or mental activity, along with an added vitamin C boost.

Direction: Simply consume 1 sweet by either chewing it or letting it dissolve in your mouth.