Millennials are driving the move to Fresh, Fast and Eco-Friendly.

Move over Boomers, the Millennials are taking over,  and that shift will potentially change the food system as we know it.

Millennials are more willing to pay for fresh and healthy food while going to great lengths to find it.  They are also more aligned with the “food movement” and love things like organic farms, small batch jams and artisanal cheeses.  This shift – by millions of people – could change the marketplace forever (don’t forget – they will be teaching their children to eat this way too) as power is shifted from large mass market companies and brands to “the little guy” selling online or at the local corner store. The result is, every food and beverage manufacturer is attempting to unearth what exactly it is that prompts the mysterious millennial to eat, choose and (most importantly) spend.

Brands are coming to realize that it isn’t just one simple thing that drives millennials (like in previous generations). In this new era of commerce, millennials are proving themselves to be a fascinating, powerful, and often confusing group whose purchasing decisions are driven not just by how much money is in their bank account.

As Millennials’ tastes change and people become more health-conscious, beverage brands need to think of innovative ways to remain attractive to their target market.

After extensive research, we at McNab’s have found that Millenials are looking for the following in their energy drinks:


They want their daily beverages to make them healthier

Millennials are more concerned about their wellness than any previous generation. The realities of modern life (such as air pollution and environmental issues) ensure that anxieties surrounding health are at the forefront of millennials’ minds.

For this reason, in addition to removing ingredients perceived as harmful from their products, beverage companies are also adding beneficial and on-trend ingredients to their drinks such as Guarana, and vitamins C and B12. These are being added to drinks at a growing rate as a way to appeal to health and wellness-conscious shoppers.

We at McNab’s have always believed in the power of beneficial and natural ingredients and that is why our SuperCharge Energy Drink is packed with natural ingredients such as Guarana berries, Panax ginseng, green tea and green coffee beans.


They want to have the option of exotic flavours

Thanks in large part to the Internet, when it comes to their food and beverage choices, millennials are a lot more open to trying and experimenting with new (to them) flavours.

This generation places a lot of importance on experiences, and are also driven by their unprecedented access to global information and cultural segments.

For this reason, their evolving and adventurous taste buds are influencing the prevalence of new and exotic beverage flavours. These include flavours of the citrus variety such as lime, grapefruit, and Asian citrus, as well as ginger in its various forms — from ginger beers, teas, and ales.

Other trendy flavour choices include light floral tastes such as lavender, rose, and jasmine. Fruity flavours like cantaloupe, watermelon, and those of various berries have also become quite widespread. In reality, the hotter, the bolder, the sweeter, and the more global and exotic, the better.

Have you taken your taste buds on an adventure lately?

McNab’s SuperCharge Energy Drinks feature flavours such as natural raspberry and blackcurrant resulting in some of the best tasting (we believe) energy drinks around. Not forgetting our refreshing all-natural relaxation drink – SuperChill with lemon balm and sceletium,  now you have the perfect product range for those evolving and adventurous taste buds.


They want their daily beverage to be functional

Mcnab's energy meal launchMeal replacement shakes and smoothies have now become a favourite as meal fillers whilst Millennials are on the go in their busy schedules.

This is something that we at McNab’s paid attention to when we developed our new SuperCharge Energy Meal that is naturally flavoured with cacao and made from nutritious plant protein and a mix of healthy multi-grains to ensure a steady release of energy.

When discussing what defines millennials’ shopping habits in general, it is undoubtedly accurate to say they are fiercely brand loyal and highly value convenience and authenticity.

Today’s generation are now taking matters into their own hands and search for advice and guidance online, allowing them to craft their own personalised eating styles. We are in an era that allows for individualised personalisation, one can now select an modify their eating choices when new information becomes available.

Functional foods and drinks have made it convenient for people to consume their daily needs of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals in one healthy snack or meal.


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