Life and uncut presents Cameron Bruce

Cameron’s debut single “I Didn’t Mean To Come Around” hit radio stations in late 2011 and gave listeners and fans a hint of what great things are to come.

The single achieved remarkable success having been play listed on many major radio stations and achieving an esteemed Number One status on Jacaranda 94.2’s South African chart. in 2012 Cameron Released another single, “When the Heart Hurts” from his debut album “Damage Done” ( The song was well received getting massive airplay on all major radio stations and even making it onto the “Play-ZA” compilation album of some of South Africa’s Finest artists.

Cameron further honed his performance skills in Las Vegas during 2013 for 6 months where he was the resident entertainer performing 5 nights a week at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. At just 22 Cameron was already in demand overseas after they extended his contract 3 times. “All that going to Vegas and performing there made me realise was, I wanna make music and I wanna make it in South Africa. I love this place.” said Cameron.

Cameron, with his good looks, mischievous sense of humour and engaging personality, has become popular amongst his fan-base and peers within the entertainment industry. “If people come to watch my show or if I meet them at a function, I take it as an opportunity to get to know them better and for them to get to know me beyond the music. Building relationships between myself, fans and music industry colleagues is very important to me”.

Never shy to express his opinion and as clear as day when it comes to knowing what he wants with his music, Cameron is set to sustain his success in years to come, hopefully achieving award winning status both locally and internationally, within the next 5 years. Cameron adheres to his mantra: “Goals, dreams and ambitions are easy – make them work!”

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