Let’s go on an adventure together!

We at McNab’s love to find hidden gems tucked away all over South Africa. We’re also becoming more infatuated with healthy food, even with things pickled, fermented and smoked. So, we were helpless to resist the charms of The Living Room in Maboneng.

After a long week, we needed some inspiration. So, we stopped at or local Engen to get some sachets of McNab’s SuperCharge energy shots, and we hit the road to the hive of creativity that is Maboneng. I remember someone suggesting we try The Living Room, so we beelined straight toward it with the hope of something new.

The Living Room is a health food café that is all about promoting a unique urban eco-system. The café serves a host of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines including pizza, sandwiches, soul food, vegetarian meals plus veggie juices and protein smoothies. To add to the natural ambience, the Living Room has a beautiful roof terrace with stunning views, showing off a boutique nursery and an authentically home-grown space, making it every hippies’ hangout spot.

Before even entering, the first thing that impressed us was the decor. Even from the outside, with its tall windows and twinkling lights, the restaurant is supremely enticing. Brick walls are painted white and diverse seating arrangements include bar seating, communal seating, table seating, you name it. In the back, near the spiffy bathrooms, you’ll find those hanging basket chairs in which stars of the ’70s used to sit. The restaurant has plants hanging down just about every wall and an open plan setting, the décor really does encourage socializing in this space.

If you are ever looking for a place to spend your Saturday evenings, you have found it. With the night time crowd coming in there was a great vibe in the air with spirit lifting music in the background really getting my feet tapping. Pairing this with good cocktails and the amazing view, nothing in that moment could beat this.

Being with friends, we decided to order a platter instead of four different meals. We ordered their signature “Nice to meet you” platter that had a range of mini burgers, ‘finger licking’ BBQ lamb riblets, ostrich carpaccio, chicken skewers, a stack of chips and some dips, it was amazing.

After our second refreshing Hello Aloe cocktail, a spontaneous idea started to form. The weather is getting warmer, and the feeling of spring is in the air. Why not take a road trip? We agreed that we would “race spring”, and see its full bloom in the beauty of Namaqualand as it happens.

Since I was a teenager, I was always passionate about taking that iconic road trip to the Western Cape, doing things a little differently, and explore a few new places.

Work and life often prevent a lot of us from taking an unplanned trip like this, but after some deliberation and quick planning, we decided this was the best thing for the new SuperCharged blog.

We will be leaving soon on this adventure, and we cannot wait! Where will it take us? To as many interesting and quirky places as possible. The goal is to reach the Namaqualand daisies by the end of the month to see when the desert blooms into spring.

What will we see along the way? Just wait and see!

RATING: The Living Room   3 out of 4

Opening times: Wed – Sun 11am-10pm

Reservations: 084 529 9006

Website: www.livingroomjozi.co.za

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