Our pets are keeping us in tip top shape, and we don’t even realise it. Here are a few reasons to love your four-legged friends that much more:

Firstly, pets are good for your heart. Spending time with your furry friend elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine and lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, which not only minimises your risk of a heart attack, but also speeds up healing for those who are in recovery.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, can be a real health benefit for the elderly. Not only do studies show that Alzheimer sufferers with pets at home have fewer anxious episodes, but the elderly with pets benefit from more exercise and a sense of companionship.

Another health benefit, contrary to old wives tales, is that having a pet in the home can actually decrease a child’s chance of developing a related allergy by up to 33%. It also tends to boost their immune system overall.

Now with all those benefits, it’s easy to see why our pets become like our family. Speaking of family, meet Oscar and Savvy, our resident furballs. These two have such big, entertaining personalities and a comical love-hate relationship with one another. The Energy Works sure would feel empty without them!


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