Courage to be Me: Story 1

I can be anyone. I want to be, but today I finally have the Courage to be ME.

Welcome to the Courage to be ME movement, a safe place to share your individual hero’s journey.

Below we have a story from Anonymous who had the courage to overcome his experience with substance abuse.

“The year is 2020 (imagine screams of terror as you read that horrific number) and mid-hard lockdown and I’ve just been retrenched and have a substance abuse problem. This sh*t can’t go on. I stop it all! Cold turkey! The stuff just doesn’t work anymore. Week 1 is hell. I can’t get out of bed and I entertain the idea of throwing myself off a bridge onto the N1. That week passes. Week 2 the bad thoughts are gone but I am still extremely weak and struggle to accomplish much and during that week I remembered to supercharge tabs. My old post-party go to and so I bought a supply for 2 weeks. They helped me get through the hell and back to functioning. It’s now 167 days since cold turkey. No turning back now. No thoughts of ever using substances again. I have mild anxiety issues and have gained a lot of weight but I tell you – I’m the only one I have heard of who stopped using substance when it was the only thing available (remember the booze bans hehe) My body is recovering from the abuse it took and the stuff that made me wanna escape with substance in the first place.”

Thank you, Anonymous, for trusting us to share your story with others.

Tell us about any obstacle you that you have encountered and how you have evolved from it. Your story can motivate others, inspire others and change the world.

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