Are you always tired? Irritable? Constantly run down? If you’re reaching for your third coffee this morning we may have uncovered the reason why.  According to doctors, living in such a fast-paced society has become so stressful that it has actually led to a new type of illness.

‘21st Century Syndrome’ is so common it has now been recognized by the World Health Organisation and covers everything from chronic fatigue to low sex drive.

‘Adrenal Fatigue’ occurs when the adrenal glands, which produce high levels of the hormone cortisol during periods of stress, get overworked.

First noted by Dr James Wilson in 1998, Adrenal Fatigue is thought to affect millions.

“The problem is this disease is difficult to diagnose. Adrenal function is measured on a sliding scale, a bit like thyroid function. It’s only if a test shows you to have levels in the highest or lowest 2 percent that you’ll be deemed ‘abnormal”, he said.

People who are always on-the-go are living with permanently raised levels as their bodies attempt to prepare them for the traditional fight or flight response to stress.

The symptoms of the illness can vary greatly as the adrenal glands are responsible for secreting more than 50 other hormones into the body, including progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone.

Interestingly, although perhaps unsurprisingly, it affects significantly more women than men.

Experts argue that the economy is making matters worse, with more and more people finding themselves stressed as a result of money and debt worries.

Relying on caffeine, sugar and energy drinks are a common solution to sufferers, even though in the long run these can actually make the problem worse as your body struggles with the artificial highs and lows these induce.

On the positive side, once diagnosed, symptoms are relatively easy to alleviate. A good diet with plenty of whole grains, oily fish and fruit, supplemented by magnesium, B5 and vitamins C and B12 are key to fighting the illness.

We suggest you get some McNab’s SuperCharge Tabs to ensure you get the right amount of Vitamin B12.  If you are getting 2.4 mcg or more on the daily and you’re feeling super tired, pounding back the B12 isn’t going to do you any good. You should look at other potential culprits to see what the cause is of your fatigue.

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