Habits to quit in the new year.

Fads aside, there truly isn’t a “better” or “best” time to make changes and ditch certain bad habits. But, since it’s the beginning of a new, which is also the time people are most likely to make changes to their routine, we thought we’d give you a list of 5 habits to quit to make this a productive year.

Tell takeaways to take a hike.
Life gets busy, juggling and trying to stay on top of things can take its toll. As a result, some things are bound to get neglected, one of which being meals/mealtime. It’s easy to grab a quick meal at a fast-food joint at the end of a long day, however, fast food has very little to no nutritional benefit. Fast food is a fast way to put on unwanted weight, it also contributes to digestive problems.
Remedy this by getting into meal preps and making healthier choices such as switching out a packet of potato chips with a packet of nuts.

No more bingeing until the AMs.
“One more episode” next thing you know it’s 2 am and you have to be at work in 5 hours, we’ve all been here. It’s time to kick this bad habit to the curb! Not getting enough sleep does more than just make the next day long and unbearable, the long-term effects of this habit are severe. Memory issues, trouble with thinking and concentration and a weakened immune system are just some of the side effects of not getting an adequate amount of sleep.
Ensure that you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Ditch the excuses.
“I’m going to” and “I couldn’t because” are the most common excuses we use to trick ourselves into believing certain things are beyond our control. Constantly making excuses makes you unreliable to yourself and others, this can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health.
When you stop making excuses you begin to feel in control of your life, your outlook on things changes and you feel much lighter.

No nutrition is a no-no.
It’s time to get serious about your vitamin and mineral intake. Make consuming food/products just because they taste good but provide no real nutritional value a thing of the past. Vitamins and minerals are important for bodily functions such as fighting off infection and regulating hormones. The easiest way to stay on top of your vitamin and mineral intake is daily supplements such as the McNab’s SuperCharge Tabs. Taking this supplement is equivalent to taking a multivitamin, a calcium magnesium, B-complex, Siberian Ginseng and an Omega-3 supplement, it contains over 39 carefully selected vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Socialise in real life!
From WhatsApp to Instagram, we have a variety of social media platforms that help us connect with others without the burden of having to leave our comfort zone. But, where do you draw the line? Excessive use of social media can fuel addiction, depression and isolation among others. Now is a good time to step outside, feel the sunshine on your face, meet up with friends and family and socialise in real life.

It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself, and that it’s okay to slip up from time to time. What matters is that you don’t give up and try until you get it right.