Restoring Energy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Energy sustainability is foremost in everyone’s mind these days as we all are forced to accept that our demand for fossil fuels has outstripped our planet’s supply. First things first, what is energy sustainability? Energy sustainability refers to any energy source that does not get depleted, one that does not need to be renewed or replenished. It is an energy source that is and can remain viable forever.

The rush is therefore on to find alternative sources of energy, preferably ones that will not run out or ruin our planet, so we will not have to revert to a stone-age lifestyle.

Energy in The Body and Mind

But what about our own energy levels? In many ways what is happening to our planet is also happening in our own bodies and spirits. Many of us live fast-paced, highly stressful and sleep-deprived lives, which makes it harder and harder for us to slow down, relax and smell the roses.

Our energy deficits are run up and we resort to stimulants and quick fixes to allow us to continue such lifestyles. One cup of coffee is no longer enough for that much-needed pick-me-up, and caffeine-loaded energy drinks are now the buzz. Alcohol and various prescription and recreational drugs help us relax or keep us going artificially, however, these quickly become crutches as we forget how to do these things naturally.

Like our planet’s situation, this cannot go on indefinitely, and sooner or later homeostatic mechanisms will come into play which attempts to bring our systems and lives back into balance. This can happen in various ways, either through an illness, an accident or some sudden life change which forces us to reassess our lifestyles and values. But, why wait for it to happen?

How to Deal with Non-specific Fatigue

The good news is that the main causes of non-specific fatigue and loss of vitality can be addressed on many different fronts, easily and quickly. For instance, one of the most effective ways to become happy, and stay happy, is to smile a lot. We all know that when we feel happy, we smile, but the reverse is also true. According to an area of research known as proprioceptive psychology getting people to smile or nod, their heads makes them instantly feel happier and more agreeable. So, if you want to cheer yourself up, behave like a happy person and your physiology will do the rest.

Like our rush to harness the energy that is freely around us – sun, wind, waves – we need to see that our personal energy solutions also lie in what is freely available. We just must learn how to do it.