5 Super Effective Natural Energy Boosters

It ALL starts with heavy eyelids. Then your head starts to bob as you nod off at your desk. Your to-do list never seems to get done, and when that afternoon slump sets in, you begin to feel like something has been slipped into your drink. But, as a response, avoid reaching for an unnaturally processed energy drink filled with sugar, chemicals and preservatives which is not good for your long-term health.

Instead, it’s time to employ the help of some natural energy boosters. Whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline or are simply exhausted from days of jam-packed schedules, or even struggling with a medical condition like chronic fatigue syndrome, there are all-natural ways to bring back the spring in your step. Here are five effective options to get you started.

Have B-complex vitamins in your diet

People who are deficient in B vitamins do feel tired because the micronutrients from vitamin B helps your body turn food into energy. Being short on B vitamins causes anaemia, which cuts off oxygen supply to your organs, causing fatigue. B-complex helps in converting food into cellular energy, which takes a lot of steps in hundreds of chemical reactions. Vitamin B acts as co-factor (helpers) in many of these reactions, helping to speed up your metabolism which gives you more energy.

Get some more sleep

Many people don’t sleep well and resort to self-medication, using coffee and other sweet things as energy boosters. This works as a short-term solution. It still does not change the fact that the body is being deprived of the necessary and essential sleep it needs. Lack of sleep also leads to a reduction in the levels of leptin, a hormone responsible for suppressing appetite, and an increase of ghrelin –the ‘hunger hormone’ – which leads to you eating more. Pulling an all-nighter should not be a habit for you. Having adequate rest at night is a secret energy booster everyone should be using.

Try some Ginseng

Ginseng is a herb which is used for its energy boosting and medicinal properties. There are three main species of ginseng: Oriental, Siberian and American. All forms of ginseng are said to aid in reducing stress, improving vitality and boosting the immune system. The natural stimulant has been used in alternative medicine, such as Chinese medicine, for thousands of years.

The active ingredients in ginseng known as ‘ginsenocides’ has a chemical structure that resembles that of human hormones, help to control hormone activity and regulation. They influence blood pressure, insulin production and increase your metabolism, giving you that much needed energy boost.

Drink water

I know this sounds like something you’

ve heard on just about every health blog but the fact is fatigue could be a sign that the body is short on fluid. It is also the first symptom of dehydration. Water enhances performance for endurance activities that are demanding. It also affects metabolism. About 8 cups of fluids for men and women respectively would do just fine. Regularly cleansing your system by drinking water is one sure way to regain energy. This will also help your body’s intake of energy-giving nutrients in a better way.

Get some Guarana

Guarana is a relatively new herb to the western world, but for thousands of years the Amazonian Indians have enjoyed a drink made from these seeds as a tonic and a stimulant. Guarana provides an excellent energy boost for anyone feeling physically or mentally run down. It is particularly useful when sustained periods of energy, alertness and concentration are required, such as studying, driving or partying.

If you find yourself trying to stay alert all through the day, feeling sluggish mid-afternoon, struggling with adrenal fatigue, or just simply exhausted, then this will certainly help you. Try out the above affordable and easy ways to banish tiredness naturally. Struggling to find some of these solutions? Luckily, you can also find Guarana, Ginseng and B-complex vitamins in convenient McNab’s SuperCharge energy shots.