Energy tip #64 using magic words

The words you store in your vocabulary can be crucial to the state of the relationships you keep. Whether it’s at work or at home, conversations with your children or customers, we often speak with no consideration of the words we use and the feelings they evoke. Without being conscious of the language we use, we can undermine ourselves and allow negative thinking in.

In our McNab’s office, we have decided to ban a list of fear-filled, powerful and power-filled words, replacing them with our magic words which are positive, unambiguous, and clearly define responsibility. The results have been astounding.

Words of Responsibility:

Banned words:      Replace with Magic Words:
can’t won’t
should choose to / want to / will
must choose to / want to / will
ought choose to / want to / will
have to choose to / want to / will
never sometimes / often / seldom
always sometimes / often / seldom
but and
try do it or don’t

Unexpected Benefits of Using Magic Words

  1. We laughed – the team first thought we were a little crazy but slowly but surely they started changing their words and often someone would catch themselves mid-sentence using a banned word and we would all erupt in laughter.
  1. We became more mindful – we now carefully consider the language we use, fully realising how magic words can enhance our lives.
  1. We became more positive – a natural progression from eliminating negative words from your vocabulary is that your mind becomes more positive.
  1. Our relationships changed – when we changed our words, we changed our relationships, too. We became more positive as a team, building our relationships with one another.

How many of our banned words are stored in your vocabulary? Try replacing them with our magic words this week and see how things change for you. Need some extra brain power to help? You can now receive your monthly McNab’s SuperCharge Energy Tabs on your doorstep by ordering on our online store.