What do the world’s top tennis stars love to eat?

#Wimbledon2017 is in full swing and it’s no news for the world number ones that their nutrition is the key to them being so awesome.

Given that different sports require different levels of nutrients, tennis is one that factors short, intermittent bursts of energy between points along with dehydration and heat-related issues as part of the plan.

You’re talking about matches that last numerous hours and can include up to 10 miles of running broken up into short, little sprints, so it’s much different from events like football that have a specific start and stop time.

But as the competition continues to heat up at #Wimbledon2017, don’t you sometimes wonder what these elite players eat to prepare for a tournament, and the foods they indulge on during time-off?



Wozniacki tries to mix it up with a careful portion of proteins and carbs. But when it comes to eating healthy for a match, her go-to vegetable is broccoli. It normally takes a while to digest foods that are high in fiber, so it’s best to eat them right before a match.

AFTER A MATCH: Without hesitation, the former world-number-one said, “Vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate cake. That’s the best!”



The tennis star has mentioned in interviews that he loves fish simply grilled in olive oil, and for his carbohydrates, he sticks to rice or pasta.

Nadal’s love for fish and simple cooking may come from his homeland of Spain. In Spain, residents eat what is known as the Mediterranean diet, which includes plenty of fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Numerous studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet can help improve heart health, and more recent studies have also found it beneficial for brain health. Wild fish and avoid farm-raised fish due to high levels of contaminants. Fish that are high in mercury such as tuna and swordfish should also be avoided as well. Looks like Nadal may be onto something.

AFTER A MATCH: Among the foods Nadal enjoys eating, such as olives and chocolates, is his mother’s home-cooked paella. He added, “Only sometimes, not every day. You eat paella every day, you cannot play tennis.”



The world number-five player knows how to eat carbohydrates in a healthy way. She once said that she loves to sometimes eat sushi, but strictly California rolls. She also loves pasta too, but strictly without cream sauce.


Halep once said in an interview with the BBC: “I’d like to eat pizza every day, but I’m not able to.”

For regular folks looking to eat like these players, bear in mind that world-class athletes typically have experts making sure that they eat the right amount at the right time. And since every person is unique, what works for one athlete may not work for another.

So as a general rule of thumb: Go for whole foods that are unprocessed, increase variety and include foods with the most vibrant colours to ensure a healthy, well-rounded eating plan.