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What makes the

HARMONY Relaxation drink so good for you?

Our HARMONY contains South Africa’s very own Sceletium, to help you stay calm and focused. Anxiety has become a hallmark of our modern society and McNab’s has introduced its HARMONY range in order to address this.

This naturally flavoured lemon drink has been specially formulated with some of nature’s best calming herbs – including:

• Sceletium – is highly valued as Africa’s own natural anti-depressant, helping to elevate mood and decrease stress.

• Lemon balm a well-researched anti-anxiety herb which helps to reduce tension, calms the mind, and improves sleep and digestive disorders.

Ingredients table


 Active ingredients Amount per 330 ml
Lemon Balm Extract 75mg
Sceletium tortuosum Extract 5 mg


Nutrition table


Typical nutritional information  Per 100 ml Per 330 ml
Energy kJ/kcal 190 kJ/45 kcal 627 kJ/149 kcal
Fat 0 g 0 g
Of which saturates  0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 11.3 g  37 g
of which sugars  11.3 mg  11.3 g
Protein  0 mg  0 g
Salt  0 mg  0 g


Ingredients list

Purified water, sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid (acidifier), Lemon balm extract, natural lemon flavour, Sceletium tortuosum.

Who is HARMONY Relaxation drink suitable for?

HARMONY Relaxation drink is safe for anyone in need of a natural calming boost of energy to help them get through challenging, stressful periods.  This refreshing lemon-flavoured drink is free of artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

What causes anxiety and nervousness?

Anxiety and nervousness are common symptoms associated with:

  • The stress and pressure of a busy domestic, work schedule and exam pressure
  • Many aspects of our demanding, modern lifestyles
  • A poor diet leading to nutrient deficiencies
  • A lack of sleep, relaxation and exercise
  • Challenging life circumstances

When should I have a HARMONY Relaxation Drink?

HARMONY is recommended for anyone who is experiencing anxiety and nervousness associated with any form of stress. This should be accompanied by efforts to get more sleep, relaxation and exercise, together with healthier, regular meals.

You can have a HARMONY Relaxation drink any time of the day or night as it has a calming effect without making you drowsy. By helping to antidote the effects of stress it will improve your ability to stay calmly focused throughout the day.

How often can I take a HARMONY Relaxation drink?

Our HARMONY Relaxation drink can be taken throughout the day, whenever you feel the need for instant mental and physical calm during a busy day.


The Harmony range, including the SuperChill Relaxation drink, is available countrywide in your local garage forecourt stores, Pick n’ Pay, Spar, Clicks, Dis-Chem and many leading pharmacies.

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