What makes SuperCharge Energy Sweet so good for you?

This naturally flavoured energy sweet is packed with vitamin C and simple sugars to provide an instant lift, bursting with natural strawberry flavour.

Each sweet contains:

• Vitamin C – 17 mg providing approximately 20% of the recommended daily intake to make sure your immune system and bodily repair processes remain in tip top condition and your antioxidant protection is maintained.

• Dextrose and glucose – these simple sugars are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream providing an instant burst of energy for both the muscles and the brain to function at their peak.

McNab’s SuperCharge Energy Sweets are free of artificial flavourants, sweeteners and colourants.

Ingredients table

 Ingredient  Amount per
32 g packet
(12 sweets)
Amount per
(per sweet)
 Reference Nutritient
Intake (RNI)
 Dextrose  30.3 g  2.53 g
 Glucose 0.73 g  0.06 g
Citric acid 0.48 g  0.04 g
Magnesium stearate  0.48 g  0.04 g
Natural strawberry flavour 0.026 g  0.002 g
Vitamin C 200 mg  17 mg  90 mg (male adult)
75 mg (female adult)

Nutritional table

 Ingredients  Amount per
15 ml shot
RI*  RI*%
Energy 84 kJ
20 kcal
8400 kJ
2000 kcal
of which sugar
5 g
4.7 g
260 g
90 g
5 %
Protein 0 g  50 g  0%
  • Average Reference Intake for adults

Ingredients list
Dextrose, glucose, citric acid, magnesium stearate, natural strawberry flavour, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

How often can I take SuperCharge Energy Sweets?

SuperCharge Energy sweets are recommended during mid-morning or afternoon energy dips or to provide extra energy for a really demanding physical or mental activity, along with an added vitamin C boost.


The SuperCharge Energy range, including Energy Sweets, is available countrywide in local garage forecourt stores, as well as Pick ’n Pay, Spar, Clicks, Dis-Chem and many leading pharmacies.

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Great tasting natural energy and lasting vitality


Great tasting natural energy and lasting vitality