Viral Plus Fizz


What makes VIT B-Complex Orange Fizz so GOOD – FOR – YOU?

Vitamin B-Complex Orange Fizz is a vitamin and natural effervescent tablet that provides good-for-you instant fizzing energy to help boost your physical and mental energy whenever you start flagging throughout the day. Take on today using our energising drink which is packed with nature’s best pick-me-ups with a combination of vitamins & minerals.



Each VIT B-Complex Orange Fizz contains the following energy-boosting ingredients:

Vitamin C – These micronutrients provide antioxidant protection and support immune function.

B-Complex Vitamins – These vitamins play a critical role in balancing brain function and your nervous system, helping to keep anxiety, nervousness, and depression at bay. They are further involved in the production of energy to keep you focused and fatigue-free.

Zinc – This nutrient helps strengthen your body’s immune system and metabolism function.

Who is VIT B-Complex Orange Fizz suitable for?

As this instant drink is designed purely to give some healthy fizz to your life it is suitable for anyone who needs a refreshing boost from the right combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

VIT B-Complex Orange Fizz is free of artificial colourings and flavourings.

When and how do I use VIT B-Complex Orange Fizz?

Vitamin B Fizz can be taken throughout the day, whenever you feel in need of a mental and physical boost.


Direction: Dissolve a fizzy tablet in 200 ml of water.


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