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This week our journey takes us to Beaufort West the capital of the Karoo and our advice after spending an afternoon here is don’t speed through this part of the Karoo. Instead, drink in the old-time architecture, the sense of quaint vitality that makes little towns like this so vivid, and enrich your experience of the Karoo.

Beuafort West
Lamb Chops and a Fietswinkel

We are back on the road to Beaufort West the capital of the Karoo. This really is road trip country, with dramatic passes, stunning mountain ranges and vast open skies.

We have decided to have lunch in Beaufort West and then stay over at the Karoo National Park before heading on our last leg to Cape Town. The highway runs right through the town and we immediately notice that the town appears to have undergone something of a transformation from downright shabby to shabby chic. One's eye is drawn less to the fast food joints, and more to the history of the town - the typical Karoo buildings dotted here and there like flourishing succulents amongst stones.

Beaufort West is a thriving town and the town's tourist information office was buzzing upon our arrival. The two ladies at the tourism office jumped through hoops to help us find information, not only of their town but anything in the vicinity too.

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