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How to Have A Big Life: Sharing Simple Secrets of Success

“Compulsory reading for every person who really wants to know what lies at the heart of a happy and successful life.”—Robin Sieger, bestselling author of Natural Born Winners

“This magical little book gives you the courage to go for a chosen path, ‘your Everest’. Brilliant.”—Rebecca Stephens, first British woman to climb Everest and the Seven Summits

“Simplicity and space. Like Rupert’s book, the answers to big questions in life are so much closer than we realize.”—Kate Burton, professional coach and co-author of Building Self-Confidence for Dummies

“A visual recipe for living life [that] you will come back to frequently [and] will instantly move you to a place of quiet reflection. Give this book to everyone!”—Jim Horan, author/president of The One Page Business Plan Company

“Invaluable for anyone starting out on life’s adventure or just looking for a quiet reminder.”—Sir Christopher Ondaatje, author, financier, and trustee of The National Portrait Gallery

“I’d recommend [this] to anyone looking to push life to the next level. Enjoy it.”—Craig Tiley, Australian Open Tournament Director, Tennis Australia Director of Tennis

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Savvy Kids Food

‘Savvy Kids Food is a deliciously simple, wonderfully charming and seriously clever compilation of recipes that are good enough to eat no matter what your age. I will definitely be adding it to my cookbook collection.’
Leigh Rowand, Food & Home Entertaining

‘A well balanced, nutritionally sound diet builds strong minds
and bodies and happy childhood memories around the table stay with
one throughout life. I enjoyed this book and fully endorse its philosophy.’
Ina Parmaan, Food Writer and Chef

‘…there is balance, nothing is forbidden and it makes it a joy to use.
You can do a whole birthday party out of this book!
You’re not changing your life, but you can have a better lifestyle…
This is so normal and I love it.’
Jenny Morris,
Giggling Gourmet, Celebrity Chef

The Savvy Kids cookbook is unique in South Africa for addressing
modern day food issues…with informative sections on nutrition, organic
food and the prevalent childhood ‘diseases’ and their nutritional links.
I can highly recommend this as both a guide towards wholesome and
organic nutrition options as well as a great cookbook.’
Leonard Mead, Chairman,
Organics South Africa

Savvy is a good description of what this really useful cookbook is all
about. The recipes are designed to provide healthy, delicious and easy
dishes for children…. Easy breakfast ideas, made-in-moment light
meals, snack ideas and some handy baking recipes contribute to a
thoroughly wholesome collection which should find a niche on every
kitchen shelf – it is not only for children!’
Lyndall Popper, Food Writer & former Angela Day
Star newspaper

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Savvy Kids Menus

Most parents are expected to be both good parents and successful in the working world.There is an over abundance of processed convenience foods and junk food readily available.
These are easy to slot into our busy lives, but means that we expose our children to a
range of preservatives, colourants and flavourants that can have a very bad impact on our
children’s health.
In this book, we have simplified cooking for the family even further with a weekly supper plan
and shopping list. We hope this helps taking control over your children’s diet and well being
even easier.

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McNab’s goal is to give you the great tasting natural vitality you deserve!
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