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Starting out as an investment banker in the late 1980s I was soon experiencing job burnout which then developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I became virtually bedridden. Jobless, and with no conventional treatments available, I started looking for ways to restore my energy levels and zest for life.

I began by adopting a healthy diet – no more takeouts or convenience snacks and meals. I then took various mixtures of nutritional supplements and herbs. My energy levels improved dramatically and with this came a desire for a new direction. I founded McNabs in 2000 in order to help other people overcome chronic tiredness as well as protect themselves from the harmful stresses of modern living.


At McNab’s we understand that sustainable living is the best way to create long-lasting positive physical and mental energy. We believe energy is a multifaceted phenomenon that comes not only from the food we eat and the way we look after our bodies, but also from the environments we live and work in, the people we associate with, and the thoughts we think.

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Robert Swan, famous polar explorer and environmentalist said, The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

We challenge Swan’s belief by showing our business does not have to pursue profit at the expense of people and the planet, and rely on someone else to fix their mess.

We have shown, over and over again, that putting the planet and people first will benefit all

In 2009 we built the award-winning Energy Works. As South Africa’s first truly green office building The Energy Works is almost entirely self-sufficient, relying on solar power and collected rain water. We are therefore immune to rolling blackouts and putting a strain on Johannesburg’s exhausted electricity grid.

We hope to inspire business, government and civil society to follow our lead so that all sectors of society work together towards addressing climate change and our increasingly poisoned planet. After all, we all share the same planet, breathe the same air and want our children to have a future that is worth saving.