Millennials and natural ingredients

The move to Fresh, Fast and Eco-Friendly.

Move over Boomers, the Millennials are taking over,  and that shift will potentially change the food system as we know it.

Millennials are more willing to pay for fresh and healthy food while going to great lengths to find it.  They are also more aligned with the “food movement” and love things like organic farms, small batch jams and artisanal cheeses.  This shift – by millions of people – could change the marketplace forever (don’t forget – they will be teaching their children to eat this way too) as power is shifted from large mass market companies and brands to “the little guy” selling online or at the local corner store. The result is, every food and beverage manufacturer is attempting to unearth what exactly it is that prompts the mysterious millennial to eat, choose and (most importantly) spend.


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